Sunday, June 29, 2008

Worth Repeating

I posted this waaaay in the early days of my blog. Now, again. The person whom this is for, knows it's for him:

Don't move
Don't talk out of time
Don't think
Don't worry
Everything's just fine
Just fine

Don't grab
Don't clutch
Don't hope for too much
Don't breathe
Don't achieve
Or grieve without leave

Don't check
Just balance on the fence
Don't answer
Don't ask
Don't try and make sense

Don't whisper
Don't talk
Don't run if you can walk
Don't cheat, compete
Don't miss the one beat

Don't travel by train
Don't eat
Don't spill
Don't piss in the drain
Don't make a will

Don't fill out any forms
Don't compensate
Don't cower
Don't crawl
Don't come around late
Don't hover at the gate

Don't take it on board
Don't fall on your sword
Just play another chord
If you feel you're getting bored
I feel numb
I feel numb
Too much is not enough
I feel numb
Don't change your brand Gimme what you got
Don't listen to the band
Don't gape Gimme what I don't get
Don't ape
Don't change your shape Gimme some more
Have another grape
Too much is not enough
I feel numb
I feel numb
Gimme some more
A piece of me, baby
I feel numb
Don't plead
Don't bridle
Don't shackle
Don't grind Gimme some more
Don't curve
Don't swerve I feel numb
Lie, die, serve Gimme some more
Don't theorize, realise, polarise I feel numb
Chance, dance,dismiss, apologise Gimme what you got
Gimme what I don't get
Gimme what you got
Too much is not enough
Don't spy I feel numb
Don't lie
Don't try
Start again I feel numb
I feel numb
Don't triumph
Don't coax
Don't cling
Don't hoax
Don't freak
Don't leak
Don't speak I feel numb
I feel numb
Don't project
Don't connect
Don't expect
I feel numb
Don't project
Don't connect
Don't expect
I feel numb
Don't struggle
Don't jerk
Don't collar
Don't work
Don't wish
Don't fish
Don't teach
Don't reach
I feel numb
Don't borrow Too much is not enough
Don't break I feel numb
Don't fence
Don't steal
Don't pass
Don't press
Don't try
Don't feel
Gimme some more
Don't touch I feel numb
Don't dive
Don't suffer
Don't rhyme
Don't fantasize
Don't rise
Don't lie
I feel numb
Don't project
Don't connect
Protect I feel numb
Don't expect

Don't project
Don't connect
Protect I feel numb
Don't expect

I feel numb

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Definition of "Please"

There are many definitions to the word "Please". (This reminds me of Bill Clinton saying "It depends on what the definition of "Is" is").

Such as:

A verb.
To give pleasure (It will please me if she brings me some cookies with my coffee)
A wish (Do as you please)
To have the kindness (If it's not too much trouble, will you please....)
To be at will (It will please your majesty if I fluff your pillows)

What's the point?

I had the TV on tonight. There was a commercial for Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, can't remember which, not important. At the end of the add, it said:

I've seen this before, but tonight it rubbed me the wrong way. Why does it need to be so polite?

"I will rock your world if you drink responsibly"
"I wish you would drink responsibly"
"If it's not out of your way, I would appreciate you to drink responsibly"
"George Bush will be happy if you drink responsibly"

Is any of this going to convince you, if you decide to NOT drink responsibly? I didn't think so.

I enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time, I won't lie. However, when it comes to drinking responsibly, we need not be polite.

Drink responsibly. Just do it. Yes, it's that simple. No favors required.

Edited to add: HA! Just after I hit "Publish Post", I saw a commercial for Captain Morgan's spiced rum. At the end of the commercial it just said "Drink Responsibly". They've got the right idea!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

She's got the look!

This weekend, I discovered a hidden talent in Alexa. A talent I've always wanted, but look constipated when I try.

Yes, ladies and gents-- Alexa can raise one eyebrow over another:

In her words, this makes her AWESOME!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Breakthrough: Exposing Myself

This post is going to be rather uncomfortable for me. I'm going to open myself up and reveal some aspects of myself that I've kept hidden from most everyone.

I was driving around today from one end of the Salt Lake Valley to north of Salt Lake Valley. Granted, it is Sunday in Utah so there are definitely less cars on the road, but still, I was navigating the lanes like a pro.

This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but for me, it is huge. You see, for several years, freeway driving was a terrifying nightmare. Let me back up a bit: I used to be "the best driver ever!" hehe. I commuted 20 miles to and from work daily. Rain/Snow/Rush Hour didn't bother me. I was confident and good at driving. One morning, the day after Thanksgiving 1996, there was a horrible snowstorm. I was not worried, because like I said, I was good. I drove slowly, and gave myself extra time to get to work. One icy bridge, a couple of 360's and a smashed up car later, I realized I was not invincible.

I got right back on the horse and drove on the freeways in the snow again, but each time I was terrified. Remembering in the back of my mind what *could* happen. I put myself into therapy at the time, however I started calling in sick or taking personal days whenever the weather was bad. I would freak out, panic, and obsess over weather forecasts. I would watch multiple channels a night, creating my own statistics tracker even-- this would continue for several years. A little over a year after the accident, I got married, and insisted that we live close to my work. The area was not desireable, but the commute was what mattered. When we bought our house, we knew the neighborhood was crappy, but it was 3 miles from my work. There were some great new homes being built just a few more miles west, which would have cost the same as the house we bought, but I simply would not entertain the idea of a long commute.

Also during this time, I stopped driving on freeways altogether. To my defense, Interstate 15 was under a massive reconstruction project and I didn't want to play that game, but my fear extended to all other nearby freeways. Hell, I wouldn't even allow Jeremy to drive on them when I was in the car with him. It was backroads all the way. It took us 45 minutes to get to my parents house, instead of 25.

I became a prisoner of my own fear.
I lost out on a lot of time... all those years of an extra 40 minutes just to visit my parents. I visit them a lot.
I could have had a house that doubled in value. Instead, my house only went up 50% by the time we ended our marriage and sold it.
I missed work. I missed opportunities. I pretty much became a recluse, because I knew my home was safe.
All of this lead to a stunted emotional growth.

Something inside of me snapped a few years ago, and by taking baby steps, I overcame my fear of not only driving in the snow, but in general. I'm confident again. I'm a good driver again. I have no guarantees that this feeling will stay, but I sure hope so.

I could look back on all of this full of regrets. If I didn't imprison myself, where would I be now? I try not to think about it. The possibilities were astronomical. Regretting will only make me bitter. Instead, I realize what's behind me is done, and I move onward and upward. (I hope).

For some reason, thinking of all of this today, made me think about a former boyfriend of mine. Our chemistry was mindblowing, I know he knew that. I was his first real relationship since his marriage. However, his marriage left him traumatized and damaged. I gave him everything he needed and wanted, but when things were getting serious, he withdrew. No matter how hard I tried to get him to trust me and lean on me, he couldn't. He remembered how bad it could be. Just like I tried to drive the freeways, he tried to have a relationship. But he was scared. Even though I could have been something/someone great with spectacular opportunities and possibilities, the idea was terrifying.

It wasn't me. It wasn't anything I did. We had some minor conflicts, but nothing severe or out of the ordinary. That wasn't the point. He wasn't ready to let go of his fears. It all seems so clear to me now. I can finally stop blaming myself!

I hope that one day, he'll be able to dissolve his fears and have a happy, healthy relationship. They can and do exist, most of my awesome friends are proof of that. Sometimes I drive on the freeway and there's snow or heavy traffic, but I drive it carefully instead of finding the nearest exit. I wished I was the one he endure the rush-hour with, but it wasn't so.

Now I'm going to get all Disney/Pixar on yo' ass! This reminds me of a scene in "Finding Nemo", where Dory and Marlin are hanging on to a tastebud of a whales tongue, when the whale instructs them to let go and fall down.

Marlin: How do you know that nothing bad won't happen?
Dory: I don't.

There's no way of knowing if something bad *could* happen. Bad things happen all the time. But learning to work through those situations and trusting again, are key elements. If Marlin didn't have Dory to push him against his instincts, he never would have found Nemo.

Who'da thunk I would find such clarity from freeway driving, and Disney/Pixar? :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Robot has a wedgie!

My mom has a large white refridgerator at her house. In the drawer next to the fridge, she keeps washable markers. When the grandkids visit, they love doodling directly on the fridge, how fun! My girls had a slumber party at my mom's house last night, and drew a big robot on the fridge.
My mom noticed a little something between the robots legs and asked them about it. Apparently, it's his wedgie.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'd be nothing without my girlfriends!

I love my girlfriends. ALL of them. I love the bond that women have. I love that when women are in crisis, all catty pettyness is shelved and *most* women feel natural compassion.

Girls rule and boys drool! (kidding! Still accepting boyfriend applications!)

When I was in Jr. High, I read an article in a teen magazine saying that regardless, girls will always stick together when it comes to periods. I found this to be true after a dance class in High School, when my arch-rival's BFF offered me a tampon in a moment of desperation from the bathroom stall.

Women stick together when tragedy presents itself. I dig it!

Last Sunday, I, along with 5 of my best friends, went shopping for adorable clothes and to see the latest chick flick:

It's still too new to give my opinion or a review; I'll just say that it made me love my girlfriends more than ever. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by amazing women (includeing more women than those who saw the movie with me).

I'm so glad to be part of the species. We're an amazing bunch! Please-- let bygones by bygones, celebrate your femininity and power, and rock on!! We can do anything!

(PS- Know Mr. Big? Help a girl out?-?)