Monday, December 31, 2007

Christy's mom has got it goin' on!

Something I overheard my mom say, after getting to know her new iPhone:

"This YouTube is pretty neat! I'll bet you can find hundreds of video's on there!"

What is the understatement of understatement? Although I have to admit, she really is pretty hip for a 70 year old!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I get by with a little Help from my friends

I like to think of myself as self sufficient.  Emotionally.  Intellectually.  Physically.  Monetarily.  (amazing, I think all of these elements are key to a good relationship, as well!)  I defend this right to be self sufficient, at many costs.  I hide my thoughts and feelings in order to protect myself and those around me.  In the process, I only damage myself.

Case in point:  Late last month, my dad noticed that my tires were balding, and told me that I should get new tires.  I groaned at him (come on, this was right when my daughters had their birthday, and xmas was fast approaching.  Who has money for something that will make them more safe with all this snow we've been having?  Not me!!).  At that point he said, "Tell me if you need some help!"

I didn't tell him.  I ignored it.  With pure damn luck (and a brother in the business), I got new tires, and they've handled the snow with beauty and grace!  Forgive me for the sappiness-- we've had a lot of snow lately.  If I had just told my dad that I needed help sooner, I would have gotten what I need, when I needed it.  I can't believe how lucky I am that my brother was in the mood to do a good deed.

Reminds me of the time after I had my twins.  My husband at the time only had a few days off of work to help out.  After that, I had nothing.  I was too proud to ask for any.  I had some co-workers, and one or two neighbors, say "if you need anything, let me know!!".  Of course, what was I going to do?  Call them an admit a weakness?  That I couldn't supply everything that myself, and my daughters needed?  Hell no!  I can do this!  I don't need no stinkin' help!

And I took no help.  I didn't ask for help.  I was Too Proud.

Why do I do this to myself?

I've had some tough times recently.  A friend was telling me about someone he knows with a certain insecurity, and in order to hide it, they shine it to the public and make it seem like their strongpoint.  At that point I realized, that proclaiming my independence, that really, truly, and TOTALLY, I am not self sufficient.

I Need people.  I rely on them.  I want to be around them.  I want the human touch, understanding, and love.  For so long, I've considered this a weakness.  But take a look around the animal kingdom-  the families stick together.  In Africa, the tribes stick together.  In this day and age, our close friends ARE our extended family.  Why shouldn't we rely on each other, cling to each other, help each other?

The shit we face is too much to take alone.

Thanks to everyone who has been there for me, who has helped me and continues to help me through the tough times.  I need you!  I know I'm a lot of work, but please know that my appreciation and admiration is genuine, and will be returned.

I hope the holidays are going great for all!  I, for one, can not wait until January 3rd when everything resumes to normal.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Christmas List of Things that Must Go

I say this not to offend, but to help you!!

  • Wreaths on the fronts of cars
  • Holiday gift baskets from vendors (I love being spoiled by them, don't get me wrong! But a team can only handle so many chocolates, breads, popcorn, caramel corn, nuts, crackers, and yogurt covered pretzels.)
  • Christmas letters full of sappy religion and no family updates
  • Being lonely
  • Overkill of snow
  • Gift expecting
  • Working during the few days leading up to and following Christmas
  • Mean People
  • Office potlucks

I really don't want to be completely negative, so here is my list of things about Christmas that must stay:

  • Tasteful Wreaths on front doors or windows (I say tasteful because in my last neighborhood, there was a house with a wreath that was so big, you had to step through it to get to the front door. The word hideous doesn't aptly describe. Made us laugh, at least.)
  • Clementines
  • Bob's soft peppermint balls
  • The spirit of generosity
  • Christmas lights
  • Christmas cards that include a family photo... even better if they contain updates on what everyone has been up to in the past year (My friends Grant and Teri always have the best Christmas letters!)
  • Advent Calendars (especially the ones with the little windows containing chocolate!)
  • Using the rest of my PTO for the year
  • Haikus
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (My daughters think he's so cool!)

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic season!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


My girlfriends are HAWT, and that's all I will say about that! ;-)

My new phone is cool and everything, but the best thing is watching and squashing my ants.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Advice from Christy

People, if you listen to nothing else I've blogged about, please please PLEASE listen to this:

Before you tear your heart and soul out while switching over from Verizon to AT&T (Sorry my friend. You know who you are and please know I love you just the same!), talk to me first. I figured it out. I have the inside scoop.

Help me help you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What a day!

I've been spoiled today!

It started out a few days ago, actually. My brother is the GSM of a local, prestigous, car dealership. Of course, I give him all of my business. (Side Note: I absolutely love walking into the dealership and having the sales guys trip over each other to get to me, as I'm walking in with full confidence, and say "No, I don't need any help, I'm Brad's sister". Of course at that point, they all back off and look at me as if they're trying to figure out how to properly kiss my ass. Superficial for me to admit, but it's a power trip, every time.)

Between my brother and my parents, they've been calling me several times for the past week, telling me that I need to take my car in because there's been a recall. Their shop needs a day to fix the car, and I'm back in business. Of course, my brother will give me a car from the lot to drive in the meantime. So, I take my car in yesterday, and receive a loaner that is the top of the line. That's a standard, from my brother. He is very mafia type that way-- he takes care of those he loves. I go back today to exchange vehicles. He walks me to my car, and says "well, there really wasn't a recall, but I wanted to replace all of your tires for Christmas. Also, I had all the servicing done for your car, too."


These aren't just any tires. They are top of the line for my 19 inch rims. I knew I needed new tires, and was groaning that it was brought to my attention right before the holidays.

So, here I am, feeling very great about my brand new tires and free service job. Beams of sushine glowing about me, because I have the worlds greatest brother. Then I have a good friend give me a very, very generous gift.

I won't go into the details here, but I was blown away. I feel so un-deserving and inadequate. You know who you are and know what you did, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Allow me to say, with all sincerity, that the friendship you provide for me is enough. In and of itself. I know you hate "thank you's", but Thank You.

I've been treated like a princess today, and I'm absolutely not used to this. Let it be written, and let it be done! December 12, 2007, is Christy's Princess Day.

PS- I'm going to bed now with the knowledge that I'm going to meet up with some of my best girlfriends for coffee tomorrow morning. Now tell me, does life get any better than this??