Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blog Pimpin'....

I recently discovered this blog and it hasn't bored me yet, that's a very good sign! This dude (or dudette, haven't figured a gender out) manages to find some of the coolest, most interesting things in the world and post about them.

If you like knowing stuff about things (and who doesn't?!?!) I suggest you check out Deputy Dog.


Monday, September 24, 2007

My, how her talents have increased!

Do you recall the post I made last year about my daughters art skillz, that she got from me?

Well, she had to go and prove me wrong. Her skills have intensified to amazing levels! Luckily, she inherited this talent from her dad. I am not able to draw a straight line with a ruler!
Oh, you want me to prove it?

Okay, well check this out, drawn by my daughter Alexa, the same one who drew the "infamous bat":

I know you don't need me to explain that this is Bono, because of course you already knew that. Check out those glasses, and the microphone! The little brown critters next to him? Why, those are his chihuaua's. Like, duh!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Gonna party like it's my Bloggiversary!

Happy Bloggiversary to ME! It was one year ago today that I finally started blogging. I initially started it to better stalk my friends Eric and Laura. Plus I saw the community that blogging brought together, and wanted to be a part of it. As my original post states, I really didn't think anyone would ever read it, I thought I was just doing this to say what I wanted to say, in my own place.

Things that I've learned in the past 365 days:

The things people say on their blogs, are not an accurate representation of who they truly are. 'nuff said.

The more you post, the more responses you get.

If you post, they will come.

There is one single celebrity that has generated more hits from google searches than all the others combined, multiplied 10. I'm afraid to mention her name again, so let's just say that it starts with an S and ends in a carlette. Her last name starts with a J and ends in ohanssen. People are quite perverted, in what they want to know about her.

Readers eat up posts that talk about Victoria's Secret models.

No matter how careful you think you are on your blog, trust me. From my own experience. Random people from your real life WILL find you. Sometimes it's pleasent. Others, not so much. Be careful what you blog about.

Blogging can be addictive.

No, being a fellow ex-mormon/woman/mommy/depression sufferer/Bono worshiper will NOT guarantee that you will ever get to meet Dooce.

Most bloggers are da coolest cats, evah!

Adding any kind of visitor tracking device to your blog makes it so much fun! You get to stalk who stalks you!

I'm so glad I crashed the blogosphere party! I've met some truly amazing people this way, and have learned much about myself.

Here's to many more!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's hard to keep some secrets!

This is the guy who makes my heart go pitter patter:

It's true. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Haiku time with a bonus!

I am getting old
There's no use denying it
Now time to accept
Several things have been brought to my attention lately that reinforce the fact that I'm getting old. Now, I don't say this to patronize, I'm only 32! It's like someone who is 15 pounds overweight complaining about what a fatty they are to people who may be morbidly obese. The fact of the matter is, there is no reversing the age factor, it's not like losing weight. Every day I get older, whether or not I notice it. To me, it feels like I stay the same, but everyone else around me ages. Then I wake up one morning and have kindergartners. Children of colleagues, whom I remember as newborns or tots, are going to Jr. High School or getting drivers licences. This realization freaks me out. I remember the first day of 7th grade, as if it were yesterday!

I was born the youngest of the youngest of the youngest of the youngest. I've always been the baby of my family, and used to being the youngest person wherever I go. All of that is fading away. I used to detest being the youngest, and welcomed the day where I would feel average. As you can see, this is all rather humbling. I don't hate the aging process, per say.... it just shocks me.

I went to the Lagoon amusement park this summer, for the first time in 12 years. I always had season passes when I was a teen, then worked there at age 16. By the time that summer ended, I was "lagooned out" and returned a handful of times before I stopped altogether. That's besides the point, just setting my situation up.

So, I'm in line for the bumper cars. The ride is still the same. The technology is the same. The cars are the same. The speech is the same. The only, and I mean ONLY thing different about this ride is the paint on the north wall. Really.

Back to standing in line-- I was sitting there reminiscing about my days operating that ride. I actually loved that ride because it kept me in the shade, and I got to test drive the cars to make sure they worked, or park them if I was on the afternoon shift. I was 16 when I worked that ride... so I looked at the operator, and realized that she is most likely 16. now. Holy Hell, I was 16 exactly 16 years ago. This means I worked this ride when she was a newborn. That was half of my life ago.


I can't stop this. My only choice is to enjoy it. Luckily for me, I look much younger than I am. Part of this is genetics, and part of this is because I don't love being in the sun. When I am, I wear insane amounts of sunscreen. I can count how many times I've been sunburned, on one hand. Yes, I'm pale and practically ghost-like, but I'm okay with that. When I'm 60, I'll look 40. Which brings me to my final point of this post.

My friend Patsy, whom I have blogged about, is still helping her husband fight cancer. Things aren't great, but they're doing what they can. She's living what would be a nightmare for anyone.... yet continues to do so with such dignity and grace. She posted this link in my comments, so I'm going to post it here: .

Please everyone... WEAR SUNSCREEN! If you're a parent of a teenager, do NOT allow them to use tanning beds, they kill! As my friend said, you may get protesting, but do it anyway. You're saving their life.

Also- cherish your small moments. Enjoy watching TV with your loved one. Express your love. Hug your babies tighter (even if they're not technically babies, they're still your babies!). Revel in the mundane ordinary. Love your life. Pass hope and kindness on to others. Just do it.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Henry and June

My dear friend JulieAnn blogged about it, and so will I. I was priveleged enough to be her guest at a screening of this movie at a small bookstore, downtown SLC.

First of all, allow me to give some props to JulieAnn- she is a rare woman who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I've known her for just a couple of months, but she and I have a great connection. I'm so lucky to know her and be friends with her! Besides, she fed me some amazing food! Mwah! Love you, JulieAnn! Luck, I tell you. LUCK!!

So, we go and watch this film, with our respective SO's (yes, I have a significant other. No, I haven't blogged about him. Yes, he is HOT. No, you don't get to meet him yet!). SO and I felt very corporate at this shindig. Not nearly goth or hip enough. At any rate, they welcomed us, offered us wine and beer (which I partook) and we settled in for the 2 hr.+ movie.

I could relate to so much of what Anais Nin experienced. In this film, she is newly experiencing her own sexuality, as it relates to men and women. The scene in particular that grabbed me, is where she is out and about an notices all of these men noticing her. Wow, yes.

The first time I noticed someone notice me, I felt dirty. I felt like I did something wrong because a person of the opposite sex noticed me. Thank you, mormon mindfuck. This happened in 6th grade. I wore a miniskirt one day, and Marcus looked at me under my desk. I felt so violated, and evil at the same time. Yes, he looked at me, but it was my fault! Bad, bad me. I never wore that skirt again.

Later, in my married years, I recall going grocery shopping one day. A man walked past me and had an obvious head turn, watching me walk into the store. I was wearing black capri's an a light blue babydoll-t Tshirt. I was humiliated, and refused to wear that outfit again.

Back to Anais. god. This woman-- is exquisite. Considering what was taboo in the 1930's, she made it into herself. What she was, who she is. I'm certain that if she existed today, she be a blogger, to the likes of JulieAnn (Ravings of a Mad Woman), or Dooce (Heather Armstrong). Someone who knows how to eloquently speak her mind.

JulieAnn- Thanks so much for inviting me. I feel awakened. Alive. "innocent", and beautiful. I truly love it when I find someone whose words are exactly as they write- geniune, humble, real. They are what they are and offer no apologies, nor should they. I love people as they are, and am fascinated by how they inspire me.

The human species rules.