Saturday, October 07, 2006


Halloween is soon upon us, and this is one of my favorite holidays. I have a Halloween party to go to in 3 weeks! This is a party that I've been looking forward to since the Halloween party of last year. This party is legend. All of my friends who will be attendance know how to bring it so of course, this means that I need to bring it, too. I'm still not sure what I'm going to be this year. Last year my husband and I went as a vampire and vampiress. A little cliche. So, readers, what are YOU going to be for Halloween? I'm open to suggestions, although here are my top two choices so far.

I'm thinking of being Satine, Nicole Kidman's character from Moulin Rouge. This is my favorite movie, and I have the hair to pull it off along with a pale complexion:

Or I could be a white trash Britney Spears:

Dammit I can't figure out how to post a youtube video, so just follow this link:

I promise to get better in the future.

So, gentle readers, what think ye? What should I be for Halloween? What are YOU going to be?


wry catcher said...

Oy, I feckin hate Halloween. I'm a Halloween Grinch. Buh humbug. But maybe if I had a great party to go to, I might get into it. A little.

Mostly, I hate thinking up costumes and then dressing up in them. Buzzkill.

But yeah, I think Satine is a good choice (most excellent movie, btw! ;-)...and if you find a hot red satin dress like that one, oh'll be the belle o' the ball.

Christy said...

Wry, Halloween isn't really celebrated in der Schweiz, is it? Perhaps with the other ex-pats? I'm so glad you liked the movie! It's unlike anything else I have ever seen.

Regina Filangi said...

I've never seen Moulin Rouge but I think you would look great as Nicole Kidman's character!

I love Halloween too!!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I may dress up all in pink, attach a shoe sole-down on my shirt, and call myself a piece of stepped on gum. Highly boring, I know. You could always dress your man up as a shoe, you all in pink, and attach him to yourself somehow!

Christy said...

Regina Filangi- Thank you! Have you decided what the girls are going to be for Halloween? How about you and your DH, are you two going to dress up?

SML- you are so creative, I love it! I appreciate the suggestions! If you feel up to it, will you post a picture of your costumes when they're complete? I can never think of stuff like that!